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Fani Willis Hired Firm To Monitor Her Media ‘Coverage Value’ Just Days Before Announcing Trump Probe

via ABC News
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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ office paid $10,000 for a media monitoring service just before announcing a criminal probe into former President Donald Trump.

The documents reveal Willis’ interest in tracking media coverage of herself and her office as she launched the investigation.

The DA’s office also renegotiated the contract in 2023 and faced issues with unpaid invoices.

“We are getting more coverage via your name than by title,” a Fulton County employee wrote in reference to Willis. “This graph has the coverage value for the last week at over $150 million.”

“I ran a report for mentions of ‘Fulton County District Attorney’ worldwide for the last seven days. Critical Mention (the PR monitoring platform I told you guys about that we contract for last week) gives a ‘publicity value’ to the coverage, which is meant to reflect what it would cost to buy paid advertising equivalent to the penetration of the media coverage,” they said.

“While it can be a bit exaggerated, it says in the last week we’ve gotten media coverage equivalent to $67 million in advertising. Even half of that value would be staggering,” the email read.

“If there is even the appearance that she is using a criminal grand jury to enhance her personal media profile or for personal political advancement, we could be witnessing a real-time derailment of this indictment,” criminal defense attorney Philip Holloway said.

“Fundamental fairness is at the heart of constitutional due process and if this case was not brought and maintained in the spirit of fundamental fairness, then it should be dismissed and the rest of the chips can fall where they may.”

“We paid for a whole year last year but the service was turned off for several months,” Deputy District Attorney for the Media Relations Division Jeff DiSantis wrote. “I understand if you can’t give us credit for that, but I have to push the county hard to pay for this, and I don’t think they will renew it without that credit.”

“I have been informed by Ms. Goff my purchasing manager that there is paperwork that needs to be filled out to be paid by the county,” Willis said previously. “Until your company jumps through the county hoops it is impossible to pay you.”

Notably, there are allegations of a “lucrative” contract awarded to a special prosecutor and discrepancies in hourly rates paid to prosecutors involved in the case.

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