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Republicans Call for ‘Maximum Penalty’ for Trump Tax Leaker

via Forbes Breaking News
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House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith and committee Republicans are calling for the maximum penalty for the leaker of former President Donald Trump’s taxes, Charles Edward Littlejohn.

They wrote to Judge Ana Reyes, expressing concerns about the Justice Department’s handling of the case and emphasizing the need for severe consequences to deter future IRS leakers.

The lawmakers are pushing for a more serious sentence, advocating for the maximum five-year sentence for Littlejohn.

“The prosecution of Charles Edward Littlejohn for illegally leaking President Trump’s tax returns to ProPublica and the New York Times will fail to deter future IRS leakers unless the sentence imposed in this case sends a strong message to other would-be criminals,” Smith wrote.

“Mr. Littlejohn executed a plan over many years to seek out a position with the IRS for the purpose of exposing the private information of Americans to further his political agenda. I hope the court imposes a sentence that sends a strong signal that the consequences for this type of action are severe.”

They aim to prevent similar leaks in the future and restore the rule of law, highlighting their commitment to addressing the issue despite the Biden Administration’s limited interest.

“While we wish that prosecutors had pleaded him to additional counts, you still can impose a more serious sentence than the anticipated 8-to-14-month guideline range. In our view, the seriousness of the crimes and the context surrounding them justify an upward variance. So that similar conduct is deterred in the future, we respectfully ask that you sentence Mr. Littlejohn to the maximum sentence of five years,” Smith wrote.

“While the Biden Administration has expressed little interest in this massive injustice, my colleagues and I on the Ways and Means Committee and in Congress are doing everything in our power to ensure similar leaks do not happen again. We must work to restore the rule of law. Sentencing Littlejohn to the maximum extent possible is a first step in the right direction,” Smith concluded.

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