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‘My Daughter Would Be Alive’: Angel Mom Blames DHS for Child’s Death

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Tammy Nobles, an Angel Mom, is suing President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for failing to vet an illegal alien MS-13 Gang member who allegedly murdered her daughter, Kayla Hamilton.

The illegal alien was released into the U.S. despite being a gang member.

Nobles and her attorney highlight the government’s failure to follow protocol and properly vet the suspect, emphasizing that a simple background check or phone call could have prevented the tragedy.

“The hardest part is that this could have been prevented; I could still have my daughter if they had just done their job,” Nobles said.

They also criticized HHS for placing the suspect with a “verified sponsor” and express frustration with the federal government’s handling of the situation.

“All they had to do…was to follow their own protocol, lift the t-shirt of this…young man that was trying to enter the border, [and] they would have seen a gang-related tattoo,” attorney Brian Claypool said. “Guess what: that would have disqualified him from entering this country. He should have been sent back at that very second to El Salvador.”

“The best thing that describes her, we played it at her memorial, is ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.’ She had a great outlook on life,” Nobles said. “I know she had no clue [of] the evilness in this world.”

“I hear a lot about more funding, more resources, and all that — how is that going to help them do their job in the first place? They failed Kayla by not checking her murderer’s background and did not make that one phone call — one phone call could have saved my baby’s life. They didn’t,” Nobles stated to Congress.

“I know Americans commit crimes on other Americans, but why do we have to take other countries’ trash?” Nobles said.

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