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Dem Rep. Gonzalez on Immigration Parole: We ‘Have a Problem’ with ‘Just Allowing Everyone in’

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Rep. Vicente Gonzalez discussed the issue of humanitarian parole and immigration negotiations, emphasizing the need to differentiate between countries and not allowing everyone to enter easily.

He highlighted the challenges, noting that over 70% of migrants arriving at the southern border do not qualify for asylum, as many are economic migrants.

While acknowledging the need for migrants to fill jobs, he stressed the importance of an orderly process and mentioned that the credible fear standard for asylum is low.

“Well, talk about the humanitarian parole that President Biden, like other presidents before him — this allows large numbers of migrants to come into the U.S. from countries like Haiti, Afghanistan, Ukraine. Again, it’s not like an asylum seeker, but it allows them to come in while they work through a process, which can be a very long process,” Robin Young said.

“Now, in the House, we know Republicans wanted to end this humanitarian parole. We understand in the current negotiation in the Senate, Republicans want a hard cap on numbers that a president can let in. Where do you stand on this, these are Ukrainians, Afghans?”

“Okay, so, every country should be looked at differently, as we historically have. But, we do have a problem in just allowing everyone in very easily. The fact is, over 70% of migrants who come to our southern border never ever qualify for asylum, because most of them are economic [migrants],” Gonzalez said.

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