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UAW Expected To Endorse Biden As He Prepares To Fight Trump For Union Workers

via CNBC
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The United Auto Workers (UAW) union is expected to endorse President Joe Biden as he pivots toward the general election.

This endorsement follows a history of courtship between the president and the union leadership.

Despite this, not all rank-and-file members may be convinced to vote for Biden.

“The UAW had other issues on its mind than injecting presidential politics into the 2023 challenges. They had an unprecedented strike. With the support of President Biden, they received an unprecedented contract. So, when I talk to auto workers, they understand that,” Rep. Dan Kildee said.

“And, you know, I’m very hopeful that organized labor generally, and the UAW specifically, will – will remember Joe Biden’s record and will stand with him as a result.”

The UAW’s endorsement could be influential in the battleground state of Michigan, where both Biden and Trump are vying for working-class support.

The UAW’s membership is concentrated in Michigan, making their support significant.

Despite Trump’s efforts to appeal to union voters, UAW leadership has criticized his support for autoworkers in the past.
“You go back to 2019, when he was a sitting president, and GM was on strike for, you know, 40 days. What did he say about the strikers in? What did he do to assist? What did you do show he cared about those workers, I mean, he was silent,” union president Shawn Fain said.

“You go back to 2015, when he was running for the presidency. And he talked about, we need to do a rotation of all these good paying jobs in the Midwest somewhere else, not out of the country, but somewhere else in the country, and have these workers begging for their jobs back. You go back to the economic recession, and he jumped on ‘The bandwagon of the UAW is to blame for everything wrong with these companies.’ And so those are facts, they’re indisputable.”

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