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Unredacted Court Docs Reveals Horrifying Level of Pedos Sexually Targeting Children on Instagram, Facebook

via New York Times
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The unredacted New Mexico complaint against Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta reveals shocking claims of sexual harassment against children on Facebook and Instagram.

It includes details of internal discussions where employees express concerns about child grooming and inappropriate adult-minor contact, as well as the revelation that Meta was aware of its platforms’ popularity among children as young as six.

Digital Content Next CEO Jason Kint wrote, “most redactions just now removed in the New Mexico attorney general’s complaint vs Instagram and Facebook” reveal “it is even more shocking, infuriating and stomach turning” than people originally thought.

The complaint reportedly alleges “100,000 children per day received online sexual harassment, such as pictures of adult genitalia.”

According to the lawsuit, “A May 2018 presentation to Meta’s Audit Committee confirms this fact: ‘While user-provided data indicates a decline in usage among young users, this age data is unavailable because a disproportionate number of our young users register with an inaccurate age.’”

“Two years later, a January 2020 presentation entitled, ‘Succeeding in US Messaging’ demonstrated both the depth of Meta’s knowledge regarding usage of Messenger by children and its ambitions to leverage that usage to further entice younger generations to use its products,” the complaint continues.

The lawsuit also accuses an employee of saying, “teenage self harm and suicide are so difficult to explain publicly that our current response looks convoluted and evasive… The fact that we have age limits which are unenforced (unenforceable?) and that there are, as I understand it, important differences in the stringency of our policies on IG vs Blue App [Facebook] makes it difficult to claim we are doing all we can.”

The complaint also highlights instances where Meta’s features allegedly contributed to inappropriate contact and trafficking.

The lawsuit points to internal conversations discussing the challenges of explaining and enforcing age limits and policies.

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