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Trump Endorsed By CatholicVote While Winning The New Hampshire Primary

via Fox News
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CatholicVote, a major Catholic advocacy group, endorsed former President Donald Trump during the New Hampshire primary.

The organization urged around 137,000 Catholic voters in New Hampshire to support Trump, emphasizing his importance in the upcoming election.

The endorsement comes as the primary election began and Trump ultimately went on to win the primary in NH.

“But the number of candidates has dramatically winnowed over the last week, and we are now in a two-person race. And we think at this point it is important that Catholics start to rally around President Trump. Not only would he be a far better choice than Nikki Haley, but he is the choice that Americans need in November. And Catholics… will play a critical role in this election, and the fate of our Catholic way of life is really at stake in this election,” CatholicVote president Brian Burch said.

“And I think we came to realize that, of all the virtues necessary [to be president], courage is essential.”

“Many candidates come and go and check boxes on certain policies and issues, especially during the campaign. But what separated President Trump, I think, from a lot of leaders was his courage to do the right thing, no matter what the consequences might be,” he said.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis withdrew from the Republican presidential race, endorsing Trump and citing a lack of clear path to victory.

“If there were anything I could do to produce a favorable outcome—more campaign stops, more interviews—I would do it. But I can’t ask our supporters to volunteer their time and donate their resources if we don’t have a clear path to victory. Accordingly, I am today suspending my campaign,” DeSantis said.

“It’s clear to me that a majority of Republican primary voters want to give Donald Trump another chance. They watched his presidency get stymied by relentless resistance, and they see Democrats using lawfare this day to attack him. I signed a pledge to support the Republican nominee, and I will honor that pledge,” DeSantis added.

Meanwhile, Democratic candidate Joe Biden faces challenges due to a dispute over the site of the first Democratic primary and must launch a write-in campaign in New Hampshire.

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