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Supreme Court Slammed Over Decision To Allow Feds To Cut Razor In Texas That Prevents Illegal Border Crossings

via KHOU 11
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The Supreme Court decision allowing Border Patrol to cut Texas-installed razor wire faced criticism. Justice Roberts cast the deciding vote, with no explanation.

Texas officials and GOP expressed disappointment, while the White House supported the decision.

“Texas’ razor wire is an effective deterrent to the illegal crossings Biden encourages,” Gov. Greg Abbott said.

“I will continue to defend Texas’ constitutional authority to secure the border and prevent the Biden Administration from destroying our property.”

“Our country is being invaded by millions, including terrorists, dangerous criminals, and smugglers bringing in fentanyl that kills Americans every day. Justice Roberts did not explain his vote,” Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick stated.

“But this is beyond inaction,” Sen. Tim Scott said. “President Biden is actively aiding and abetting the largest southern border invasion our country has ever seen.”

“The laws have to be executed by the executive branch,” Sen. Marco Rubio said. “The laws have not changed from the time Trump was president to the time Biden became president. What changed was the way the law was applied and executed.”

“You know who could fix this – literally overrule the Supreme Court and the White House on the Texas v Biden dispute? Congress,” Rep. Thomas Massie said. “In fact, it was explained to a group of us by Justice Scalia during breakfast at the Capitol Hill Club. He told us to quit funding things we don’t like.”

The dispute involved the impact of the wire on border security and humanitarian concerns.

“Texas’ political stunts, like placing razor wire near the border, simply make it harder and more dangerous for frontline personnel to do their jobs. Ultimately, we need adequate resources and policy changes to address our broken immigration system,” White House spokesperson Angelo Fernández Hernández said.

“That is why on his first day in office, President Biden presented Congress with a comprehensive immigration reform plan and that is why he is working to find a bipartisan agreement with Congress that includes additional resources and meaningful policy reforms.”

The DHS emphasized immigration enforcement as a federal responsibility, while the Border Patrol Union rejected the ruling.

“Rather than helping to reduce irregular migration, the State of Texas has only made it harder for frontline personnel to do their jobs and to apply consequences under the law,” a DHS spokesperson said. “We can enforce our laws and administer them safely, humanely, and in an orderly way.”

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