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Former Democrat Sheriff Endorses Trump in 2024 Bid

via The Independent
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Former New Mexico sheriff Manny Gonzales, who recently switched from Democrat to Republican and is running for Senate, has endorsed Donald J. Trump for president.

Gonzales cited Trump’s understanding of national needs, dedication to important principles, and opposition to what he sees as out-of-touch policies.

He criticized the far-left agenda embraced by President Biden and Sen. Martin Heinrich, claiming it no longer aligns with the values of hardworking New Mexicans.

“President Trump’s track record and dedication to the principles that matter most to our communities resonate with my vision for New Mexico’s future,” Gonzales stated.

“I am eager to support a leader who understands the needs of our great nation and will stand against the out-of-touch policies that have left our state behind.”

Gonzales stated that Trump “will be the Republican nominee,” and he is “proud to endorse him.”

Gonzales believes the Republican Party offers a more pragmatic approach to governance and endorses Trump as the Republican nominee, expressing eagerness to support a leader who understands the nation’s needs and opposes policies that have left New Mexico behind.

“My decision to run for the U.S. Senate under the Republican banner stems from a deep conviction that our state needs practical, common-sense solutions, not partisan rhetoric,” he said.

“The national Democratic Party’s divergence from the values that resonate with our local community has led me to reevaluate my alignment,” he added. “The radical elements within the national Democratic Party have strayed from common-sense governance, promoting chaos over order and undermining the safety of our neighborhoods.”

This move makes him the first prominent Republican to oppose Heinrich in the increasingly Democrat-leaning state.

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