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‘Yellowstone’ Creator, Rancher Taylor Sheridan Rips ‘Absurd’ Vegan Diet

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Taylor Sheridan, creator of the popular ‘Yellowstone’ series, was featured on the Joe Rogan podcast and criticized veganism for ethical reasons.

Sheridan argues that it is not natural and disrupts the balance of nature.

“I think one of the most absurd positions anyone can take is they’re a vegan for an ethical reason,” Sheridan said.

“It’s preposterous. You can do it for a medical reason, even though I don’t know what that reason would be — maybe you can’t process meat and can’t process proteins like that. But to do it for an ethical reason is absurd,” he continued.

“And the reason I say that is I have plowed a field. It is carnage. It is 12 feet of carnage. And every single plant that you eat is going to be tilled into the ground at some capacity. So you’re gonna kill everything … People have to understand, you have to take ownership.”

Sheridan and Rogan challenge the moral high ground claimed by some vegans and emphasize the natural order of life.

“Ted Nugent said this on this podcast,” Rogan responded. “He said, if you want to kill the most things, become a vegan.”

“If you’re thinking about individual life. If you don’t think that one life equals one life, if you think that small things aren’t as valuable as large things, that’s a totally different discussion, and that’s a weird discussion.”

“But if you think that all life is sacred, well, what about the life of ground-nesting birds, fawns, what about the lives of rodents, insects — all those things are getting demolished.”

“If you look anywhere in the ecosystem, take man out of it,” Sheridan continued. “Virtually everything is living at the expense of another organism, to the degree that if a certain weed grows up over the grass, it’s killing the grass.”

“This little sapling grows up over the grass, it’s killing the grass. If the grass grows up before the weeds, it kills the weeds… everything is in competition with everything else. There is not a vegan fish, there’s not a vegetarian fish,” Sheridan said. “Every single fish, every frog, they’re eating another organism to survive — every one of them.”

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