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Trump: Calling Nikki Haley ‘Nimbra’ Is Just a Fun ‘Takeoff’ on Her Name

via Forbes Breaking News
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Former President Donald Trump defended his use of nicknames, citing examples like “Nimbra” for Nikki Haley and “Pocahontas” for Elizabeth Warren.

He claimed it’s a way to have fun and suggested it can be an effective tool, while also acknowledging that he uses similar tactics with Republicans but doesn’t want to bring it up.

“She says that you’re using a nickname based on her given name, Nimirata. You called her Nimbra in the post the other day. Why do you do that?” Bret Baier asked.

“I do that with a lot of people like Asa Hutchinson. I mean, he was polling at zero for about one year and I called him — rather than Asa — I called him Ada Hutchinson. And it just felt good to me. And with her, it’s just something that came. It’s a little bit of a takeoff on her name. You know, her name, wherever she may come from,” Trump said.

“I do a lot of names for people — like Pocahontas. She said, ‘my mother said I look like an Indian.’ So I started calling her Pocahontas. Some people say I’m very good at that.”

“But I can’t get into too many because many of those people that I named like that are Republicans, and we don’t want to bring that up. But it’s a takeoff. I have fun with it. And sometimes, to tell you the truth, it’s a very effective tool,” he said.

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