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North Korea Pressing Hard for Alliance with Russia to Form ‘International Order’

via Guardian News
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North Korea and Russia are strengthening their partnership, with Kim Jong Un expressing a desire to revise North Korea’s constitution to label South Korea as its “principal enemy.”

Both countries are aiming to bolster their cooperation and establish a new international order.

The situation has raised concerns about the potential for war, with experts suggesting that Kim Jong Un may have made a strategic decision to go to war, as evidenced by North Korean media’s war preparation themes and the country’s substantial nuclear arsenal.

“The situation on the Korean Peninsula is more dangerous than it has been at any time since early June 1950. That may sound overly dramatic, but we believe that, like his grandfather in 1950, Kim Jong Un has made a strategic decision to go to war,” Robert Carlin and Siegfried Hecker wrote.

“We do not know when or how Kim plans to pull the trigger, but the danger is already far beyond the routine warnings in Washington, Seoul and Tokyo about Pyongyang’s ‘provocations.’”

“In other words, we do not see the war preparation themes in North Korean media appearing since the beginning of last year as typical bluster from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” they noted.

“This might seem like madness, but history suggests those who have convinced themselves that they have no good options left will take the view that even the most dangerous game is worth the candle,” they wrote.

“North Korea has a large nuclear arsenal, by our estimate of potentially 50 or 60 warheads deliverable on missiles that can reach all of South Korea, virtually all of Japan (including Okinawa) and Guam. If, as we suspect, Kim has convinced himself that after decades of trying, there is no way to engage the United States, his recent words and actions point toward the prospects of a military solution using that arsenal,” they added.

There are allegations of missile and technology exchanges between North Korea and Russia, further escalating tensions.

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