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MSNBC’s Reid: Moms for Liberty Is Modern Day Daughters of the Confederacy

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MSNBC host Joy Reid compared the Daughters of the Confederacy to Moms for Liberty, highlighting their influence on discussions about America’s past and the lack of a real reckoning over the country’s history of slavery and racism.

Network host Ali Velshi emphasized the absence of a true reckoning in American history, contrasting it with Germany’s post-Holocaust reckoning.

The hosts’ discussion focused on the impact of these groups and the need for a more honest examination of America’s past.

“I’ve been able to figure out that America was born as a slave republic and therefore it was born as a racist country,” Reid said.

“Their are countries that have done this. Germany did this after the Holocaust. They had a real reckoning about what happened. I think with gets lost in our history is that we actually didn’t, we sort of said at the end of civil war, kind of, satisfies lost, it’ll be fine. We never had that reckoning,” Ali Velshi added.

“Black people left the south, the great migration, because of economic opportunities but at no point did we actually fully say, flags come down, the statues don’t go up, stuff like that. That stuff is over. It didn’t work,” she said.

“You know it’s ironic, a group that has essentially policed the way we talk about our past, that ruined our ability to have a reckoning is the older version of Moms for Liberty, called the Daughters of Confederacy, they’re their earlier iteration of that exact same thing,” Reid said.

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