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House Democrat Confronts Grieving Mother Over Southern Border. It Doesn’t End Well For Him.

via Forbes Breaking News
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New York Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman faced criticism for his treatment of a mother who lost her daughter to a fentanyl overdose during a House committee hearing.

The mother, Josephine Dunn, was invited to testify about the fentanyl crisis and criticized Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for failing to stop the drug influx.

Goldman belittled Dunn’s testimony, leading to backlash.

“I flew from Arizona to meet him and face him and ask him why. And he’s not here today. I did not know that until after I landed yesterday,” Dunn said.

“He doesn’t have a decency now to even show up. That is crap. And talk to you personally. Today is my daughter’s birthday. I would have much rather been home with my poor husband grieving her. I didn’t need to be here today. So, whatever he’s doing, I hope it’s more important than that,” she added.

Mayorkas had openly refused to testify at the hearing, according to GOP Chairman Mark Green, of Tennessee.

“Obviously, given what your experience has been, you don’t have the background to understand what a high crime and misdemeanor is and how it relates to this,” Goldman said of Dunn.

“You would agree, would you not, that it would help to stop the fentanyl trade and fentanyl trafficking from coming into this country if we had more law enforcement officers at the border and more resources and technology to stop the fentanyl from coming in?” Goldman asked. “Do you agree with that?”

“Border Patrol is now being used to make sandwiches and to screen people and let them into our country. So, I disagree with you,” Dunn said.

“I would like the Border Patrol to be able to do the job that they were hired to do. Every border patrol officer that I have spoken to has told me that their hands are tied by this administration and Mr. Mayorkas,” she said.

“I’ve been to the border, sir, have you?”

“Excuse me. I’m asking the questions,” Goldman said.

Dunn also criticized Goldman’s insults and emphasized the severity of the fentanyl crisis.

Goldman is “unaware about what my understanding, about what my education, what my experience is in any of those areas when it comes to misdemeanors or high crimes,” Dunn said.

“I have my opinions, and for him to assume that I want to just put more money into a system that has had plenty of money placed into it and is still broken is incorrect. Please don’t think for me. I have a brain. I can think and speak for myself,” she added.

The fentanyl crisis remains a pressing issue, with New York City officials urging citizens to carry overdose medication.

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