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Frozen Nightmare: Dead Teslas Litter Supercharger Station in Frigid Temps

via CBS News
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Many electric vehicle (EV) owners in Chicago are facing challenges due to the extremely cold temperatures, with public charging stations turning into car graveyards.

Tesla owners, in particular, have experienced difficulties, with long lines and abandoned cars at charging stations.

Some individuals have been unable to charge their cars, leading to frustration and inconvenience.

Tesla owner Tyler Beard, said, “Nothing. No juice. Still on zero percent.”

“And this is like three hours being out here after being out here three hours yesterday,” he continued.

Chalis Mizelle said, “This is crazy. It’s a disaster. Seriously,” about not being able to charge her Tesla.

“We got a bunch of dead robots out here,” said a third driver.

Mark Bilek of the Chicago Auto Trade Association, said, “Like any new technology, there’s a learning curve for people.”

“It’s not plug and go. You have to precondition the battery, meaning that you have to get the battery up to the optimal temperature to accept a fast charge,” he added.

The situation has prompted concerns about the ability of EVs to handle extreme cold.

A car expert suggested that EV owners need to precondition the battery before charging in such conditions to optimize the charging process.

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