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Boebert’s MLK Misstep: Controversial Congressman Sparks Outrage

via Sean Feucht
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Democratic strategist Ameshia Cross criticized U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert for controversial statements made on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, stating that Boebert lacks understanding of civil rights and equity.

Cross and Svante Myrick, president of People For the American Way, expressed concern over Boebert’s remarks, with Myrick questioning her comprehension and potential impact on the country.

Boebert defended her stance, emphasizing equality over equity and calling for an end to the “woke movement.”

“This Martin Luther King Jr. Day we celebrate the life of a man who led a movement for freedom and prosperity for all,” Boebert wrote.

“The fight was for equality, not equity. His dream is the American Dream.”

“Lauren Boebert is not able to tell anyone what Martin Luther King was about because I, quite frankly, don’t think she either understands or it doesn’t have any resonating power with her,” Cross said.

“Boebert is someone who has stood against anything that looks like civil rights since she got elected. This is someone who does not believe that white supremacist systems exist.”

“This is someone who does not believe that it matters to have equity at the forefront. This is someone who supports systems that keep Black people down,” she added.

“I fear this member of Congress would not pass an 8th-grade reading comprehension test.” People For the American Way president Svante Myrick said, “But she is able to use her platform to twist the words of civil rights legends in a way that is damaging to the health of our country.”

“Given the current crisis of division in our country, her remarks can be dangerous. She’s showing a fundamental lack of understanding of what Dr. King fought for and died for,” he added.

Cross condemned the attack on “woke” as disingenuous and highlighted Martin Luther King Jr.’s broader commitment to equity in housing, education, and workforce.

Boebert’s history of controversial incidents, including previous offensive comments and disruptive behavior, were also condemned.

“Equity had no part of that dream. It was about equality,” Boebert said. “Let’s end the woke movement in America in honor of MLK Jr.”

“The attack on ‘woke’ that Republicans have waged is disingenuous at best,” Cross said.

“It’s disappointing, especially considering all of the work that Martin Luther King committed himself to, which is a lot more than the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech,” she added. “They like to forget all of the things that he talked about, from housing equity to education equity to workforce equity and inclusion,” Cross said.

“What they are doing is trying to undo the gains of the Civil Rights Movement. They’re trying to take America back,” she went on. “I think, at this point, it is a slap in the face.”

Myrick suggested that Boebert’s statements may be for attention and fundraising, while Cross criticized her voting record as anti-Black and anti-equity. “I think she’s stringing together a series of conservative buzz words in order to be provocative, to stay relevant, and to raise money,” Myrick said.

Cross said that Boebert “loves to have the spotlight on her for any and all reasons. [She] carries a narrative that sadly people who want to uphold white supremacy, and a large portion of Republican voters, actually respond to and respond well.”

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