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Bad News for Trump? Scarborough Sees Iowa Victory as Sign of Trouble

via HBO
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MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough and Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker expressed concerns about former President Trump’s win in the Iowa caucuses, with Scarborough emphasizing that Trump’s 50% support among Republicans in Iowa is not a positive sign for the GOP’s general election prospects.

He compared Trump’s support to what former President Obama would have received, highlighting the potential weakness in Trump’s base.

Pritzker also noted Trump’s weakness and the opportunity for Democrats.

“The fact that Donald Trump has 50 percent of Republicans not voting for him, and as Steve Kornacki said, one-third hating him in the state of Iowa, in the state of Iowa … I gotta say for people who actually want to win general elections, that’s not good news,” Scarborough said.

“Fifty percent of people voting in the Iowa caucuses against a former president is bad news for that party’s prospects in the general election. Not good news. And again, just again, let’s sit ask what Barack Obama would have gotten if he had done the same thing. It would have been in the high 90s,” Scarborough added.

“I think that is telling. It tells you the weakness of Donald Trump and also the opportunity for Democrats because in the end, look, if the base doesn’t turn out for Donald Trump in the general election enthusiastically and Democrats turn out its base, this is all about, you know, independents, and independents don’t like Donald Trump,” Pritzker said.

Despite these concerns, Trump maintains a significant lead in national GOP primary polls and a narrow lead over President Biden in a head-to-head matchup.

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