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ABC’s Hostin: ‘Still in the Fight of Our Lives to Save the Soul of This Country from the Scourge of Racism’

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ABC legal analyst Sunny Hostin emphasized the ongoing battle against racism in the United States, responding to former Gov. Nikki Haley’s statement that the country was not inherently racist.

Hostin pointed out the troubling history of Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, who owned slaves and had a shadow family.

She highlighted her own family’s struggle for civil rights, emphasizing that the fight against racism is still ongoing.

“When you look, all men are created equal. I think the intent was to do the right thing. Now, did they have to go fix it along the way? Yes, but I don’t think the intent was ever that we were going to be a racist country,” Haley said.

“What is troubling what she said about race, although I know she believes we were never a racist country is she’s quoting the Declaration of Independence penned by Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson owned 600 slaves throughout his lifetime and began raping one of them at the age of 15 and had a shadow family with her of six children,” Hostin said.

“So when he said all men were created equal he was saying that in the context of, but the people that aren’t equal are women and the enslaved that I have at Monticello. So, Nikki, that’s just a history lesson.”

“We’re not a racist country, but I am the only person on my father’s side of the family who has enjoyed full civil rights in the history of my family, and I am 55 years old,” she said.

“So this is not something that happened 600 years ago, okay? And we’re still in the fight of our lives to save the soul of this country from the scourge of racism. That is the truth.”

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