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Wyoming election chief fires back at ‘radical’ push to remove Trump from ballot

via C-SPAN
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Wyoming’s Republican secretary of state, Chuck Gray, filed an amicus brief in support of former President Trump’s inclusion on the Colorado ballot, aiming to stop the “weaponization” of the 14th Amendment.

Gray argues that the 14th Amendment cannot be used to bar Trump from the ballot, as he was not an officer of the United States during the events in question.

Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray, said, “We must stop, as secretaries of state, the radical left’s un-American and unconstitutional attempts to weaponize the 14th Amendment against Trump and the American people. And we’re going to keep working as we have to ensure that Trump will go on the ballot.”

The brief states, “The notion that the President is not an ‘Officer of the United States’ is strange to the modern colloquial ear. But the phrase has a specific meaning that plainly excludes the President, reinforced by decades of precedent. The Colorado Supreme Court erred in concluding contrary to this long-settled understanding.”

America First Legal vice president and general counsel Gene Hamilton, wrote in a statement, “The Colorado Supreme Court’s decision is completely inconsistent with the text and historical interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Secretary Gray is an American patriot committed to the rule of law, and we are thrilled to be able to file this brief on his behalf.”

He continued, “We’ve been on it from the start. We saw this coming. Just as an observer from 2015 on, you could see where the radical left was going to try to go with this…”

“Even if the President were an ‘Officer of the United States,'” the brief states, “Former President Trump did not commit either of the two acts described in section 3— ‘engag[ing] in insurrection or rebellion’ against the United States or ‘giv[ing] aid or comfort to the enemies’ of the United States. Each of these disqualifying offenses is distinct and each contains its own elements.”

Gray said, “President Trump should be on the ballot and the Supreme Court should be very clear on that. And that’s, I think, the kind of leadership that we need from secretaries of state. And that’s why we partnered with America First Legal. We really appreciate Gene Hamilton and Judd Stone … they’re really brilliant legal minds and focused on ensuring election integrity.”

“We’ve been on it from the start. We saw this coming. Just as an observer from 2015 on, you could see where the radical left was going to try to go with this, because it’s in line with what they’ve been doing now for a decade. [They’re] trying to do all they can in stopping America First policies and stopping President Trump,” explained the Wyoming official.

The Colorado Supreme Court had ruled to bar Trump from the ballot, citing his alleged role in inciting the Capitol breach on Jan. 6, 2021.

Gray and a group of Republican House and Senate leaders, including Sen. Ted Cruz and House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, filed briefs in support of Trump’s case before the Supreme Court, arguing against the Colorado court’s decision.

​​Sen. Cruz wrote in a statement, “The radical left consistently does what they claim their opponents are doing. While President Biden and his allies claim they are defending democracy, their supporters are working to undermine democracy by banning Biden’s likely general election opponent from appearing on the ballot.”

“The American people see through this, and I’m confident the Supreme Court will as well,” he added.

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