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Marjorie Taylor Greene Shamelessly Bullies Witness In Mayorkas Hearing

via Forbes Breaking News
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene aggressively questioned a witness during a House hearing, attempting to force her to attribute the immigration crisis to either President Joe Biden or Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Greene repeatedly interrupted and pressured the witness, Deborah Pearlstein, to answer a leading question.

This behavior led to criticism and concern, with the witness emphasizing that policy disagreement does not constitute constitutional grounds for impeachment.

“Ms. Pearlstein, you talked about policy in your testimony today. So that would be Joe Biden ― I’m sure you voted for him for president. You’ve been talking about the Biden administration policy has been the cause of all of this. So is it Joe Biden’s policy, the administration’s policy, or is it Secretary Mayorkas?” Greene pressed.

“The Constitution, no matter which…” Pearlstein said.

“I asked you a question,” Greene interjected.

“Is it the Biden administration or Secretary Mayorkas, not the Constitution. We’re not talking about the Constitution. Is it the Biden administration’s open border policies or is it Secretary Mayorkas breaking federal law? One or the other. Because the statistics are clear. Are you capable of answering that question?”

“I’m not sure, those were about four questions,” Pearlstein said.

House Republicans are reportedly pursuing impeachment proceedings against Mayorkas without clear evidence of impeachable offenses.

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