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Trump Develops Close Relationship with North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum

via ABC
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Former President Donald Trump expressed his desire to have Gov. Doug Burgum play a significant role in his administration, possibly as a running mate or cabinet secretary.

Trump praised Burgum’s support and business background, emphasizing their alignment on energy policy.

Sources revealed that Burgum flew with Trump and that Trump sees him as a potential cabinet member.

“I hope that I’m going to be able to call on him to be a piece of the administration, a very important piece of the administration,” Trump said.

“There’s an active effort across virtually every agency in the federal government driven by Biden himself to say there’s an attack on U.S. energy,” Burgum said.

“It’s not just fossil fuels. It’s an attack on liquid fuels really of all sorts and there’s really ‘We’re going to try to drive them out of business’ and ‘We’re going to try to move the whole world to EVs.’ I couldn’t think of anything that is more harmful to the U.S. economy, to national security, and to global stability than the United States pursuing that policy.

“Donald Trump called me about Doug when I endorsed Doug for president partway through the campaign, I don’t remember when it was, like last July or August maybe, he called me, just tell him, what a great guy Doug was and how he thought it was such a great move of me to support my governor, and he’d hoped I could come and support him after Doug is done,” Sen. Kevin Cramer said. “But he said, ‘Boy, I love Doug, and Doug would be a great cabinet secretary.’”

“The first lady even did some stuff with Larry Kudlow and others on addiction, and so they really formed a very strong bond and friendship, not just a working relationship in terms of particularly the energy policy, but a decent friendship,” he added.

“I called President Trump that day and, and said, ‘Hey, we should talk now that Doug’s not running,’ and I endorsed him that evening on a radio show in Bismarck, and he spoke glowingly about Doug again then, publicly as well as privately with me,” he said.

Furthermore, prominent Republicans have spoken positively about Burgum, highlighting his leadership and potential collaboration with Trump.

Cramer described Burgum as “a very accomplished governor, very accomplished citizen, and business leader” and said he “is pretty much right in line philosophically, I think, with President Trump.”

“His biggest challenge is he’s on the ballot this year if he wants to run for reelection, so he has to make that decision first, or maybe not,” Cramer added.

“You need to have a running mate, obviously, that you can work with and get along with and who could replace you if necessary, and all those things you’d want, but at the same time, you want a running mate who adds value to the ticket from an electoral standpoint,” he said.

“And as much as I like Doug, I just, I don’t see him… pulling Wisconsin into the fold, if you will, in terms of general electoral politics.”

“I got to know Governor Burgum during the caucuses when Governor Burgum was campaigning, and my husband and I even had a chance to sit down and have dinner with the Burgums one evening, which was a special time, and I was just so impressed with both of them,” Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird said.

“He’s good at getting things done, turning things around, very focused,” she added. “So I think he’s an impressive governor, and I think President Trump is very glad to have him on board and appreciates his endorsement [very] much and sounds like they look forward to working together.”

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