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Texas Defies Biden Admin’s Order to Give Feds Access to Park Along Rio Grande

via FOX
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The state of Texas, under Governor Greg Abbott, has seized a park along the Rio Grande, restricting Border Patrol access and prompting a clash with the Biden administration.

The DHS accused Texas of impeding federal agents and interfering with their authority to patrol private lands.

The seizure of the park led to a drowning incident, intensifying the dispute.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton disputed DHS claims, arguing that the state allows prompt entry for Border Patrol during medical emergencies.

“Texas allows prompt entry into Shelby Park by any U.S. Border Patrol personnel responding to a medical emergency, and this access is not ‘limited to use of the boat ramp,’ as you say. TMD has ordered its Guardsmen not to impede lifesaving care for aliens who illegally cross the Rio Grande. To that end, TMD has erected gates that allow for rapid admission when federal personnel communicate the existence of some medical exigency,” Paxton said.

“President Biden has been warned in a series of letters, one of them hand-delivered to him in El Paso, that his sustained dereliction of duty in securing the border is illegal. By instructing your agency and others to ignore federal immigration laws, he has breached the guarantee, found in Article IV, § 4 of the U.S. Constitution, that the federal government ‘shall protect each of [the States] against Invasion,'” he said.

The park’s control has also involved historical disputes between the city, federal government, and state authorities.

Despite tensions, migrant crossings in the area have significantly decreased, with approximately 500 daily apprehensions compared to over 2,000 in late December.

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