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‘Stop Trying To Whitewash It’: Whoopi Goldberg Criticizes Nikki Haley’s Racism Claim

via The View
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Whoopi Goldberg criticized Nikki Haley for denying America’s history of racism, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and addressing racism.

Goldberg said, “Yeah, we are trying to get it better, but stop trying to whitewash it because every time they say we’re gonna take away Black history, we’re gonna take away women’s history — what do you think that says?”

She highlighted Haley’s failure to mention slavery when discussing the Civil War and questioned why it’s still difficult for some to admit racism’s role in U.S. history.

“When you think back, 1849, 1869, they lynched 20, 30 Italians because they were Italian. They lynched Black folks. Black folks didn’t climb up in the trees and lynch themselves,” said Goldberg.

“You know, people were angry and came and burned them out. Emmett Till did not do that to himself, that was done to him ’cause somebody was angry because he overstepped in their mind what he was supposed to do as a Black person,” explained the co-host.

Vice President Kamala Harris also acknowledged the presence of racism in America’s past and present, emphasizing the need to collectively work towards a future that isn’t defined by it.

Harris said, “I think we all would agree that while it is part of our past and we see vestiges of it today, we should also be committed collectively to not letting it define the future of our country.”

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