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‘She’s A Killer’: Trump Eyes Rep. Elise Stefanik As A Potential VP Pick

via Forbes Breaking News
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Former President Donald Trump and his allies are considering Rep. Elise Stefanik as a potential running mate for the 2024 election.

Stefanik’s loyalty to Trump and her ability to drive news on key issues make her an attractive candidate.

Trump has praised her as a potential vice president and has repeatedly emphasized her potential for higher office.

“She’s a killer,” Trump said.

“Stefanik is at the top,” Steve Bannon said.

“If you’re Trump, you want someone who’s loyal above all else,” one Republican operative said. “Particularly because he sees Mike Pence as having made a fatal sin.”

“She’s come a long way, and now she’s really, really with us,” Trump said. “She was kind of with us before, but she’s really with us now.”

“I’m not going to get into any of my conversations with President Trump. I’m honored to call him a friend. I’m proud to be the first member of Congress to have endorsed his re-election, and he had a huge win in Iowa. So we’re very excited about that,” Stafanik said.

Stefanik’s unwavering support for Trump, her strong communication skills, and her knowledge of Capitol Hill make her a compelling choice.

Additionally, her fundraising abilities and strong presence in New York could further benefit Trump’s campaign.

Other potential VP picks mentioned include Kristi Noem, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Marsha Blackburn, and Kari Lake.

“Well, I, of course, would be honored to serve in any capacity in a Trump administration,” Stefanik said.

“What Trump has consistently remarked about is how good she’d be as a VP,” one source noted.

“Stefanik brings, obviously, incredible talents at many levels, from the House, and knowing how to defend President Trump and the MAGA movement,” Bannon said. “And most importantly, she knows how to play what I call the unforgiving moment, when you have to make that decision to go all in.”

“She picks her shots and she knows where her leverage is,” Bannon added. “And she understands something that’s quite rare today, which is modern communications. She knows what can make an impact. So she’s clearly a huge talent.”

“Very intelligent, very articulate, she’s done a great job as conference chairwoman. And if President Trump were to choose her as his running mate, I think it would be a great team,” Rep. Kevin Hern said.

“She has an incredible working relationship with the House … and has a lot of respect in the Senate as well,” he added.

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