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Elon Musk Demands Increased Control over Tesla, Threatens to ‘Build Products Outside’ Company

via Fox News
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Elon Musk is aiming to increase his voting control in Tesla to approximately 25 percent, expressing a desire for greater influence over the company’s direction, particularly in AI and robotics.

This move is tied to his vision for Tesla’s future and his dissatisfaction with his current level of control.

Musk’s leadership and decisions have faced criticism, including legal action over his significant pay package.

Musk said, “I am uncomfortable growing Tesla to be a leader in AI & robotics without having ~25 percent voting control.”

“You don’t seem to understand that Tesla is not one startup, but a dozen. Simply look at the delta between what Tesla does and GM. As for stock ownership itself being enough motivation, Fidelity and other own similar stakes to me. Why don’t they show up for work?” he continued.

His pursuit of increased voting power is expected to intensify pressure on Tesla’s board of directors, who are already dealing with concerns over his divided attention due to his involvement in other ventures.

Additionally, there are discussions about a potential new compensation package for Musk.

This situation has raised questions about potential conflicts of interest given Musk’s involvement in other AI ventures.

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