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Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry Orders All State Entities To Report Costs Of Illegal Immigration

via CBS
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Republican Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry signed an executive order requiring all state agencies to track the costs of illegal immigration to taxpayers.

The order aims to identify and quantify the adverse effects of illegal immigration in Louisiana, with a focus on determining the financial burden on the state’s citizens due to individuals entering the country illegally.

Gov. Landry wrote that he is directing resources towards “identifying, quantifying, and mitigating the adverse effects of illegal immigration in Louisiana.”

“This order will require the head of every executive branch entity throughout the state of Louisiana to capture certain data in order to determine the costs the state is having to incur due to those entering our country illegally,” read the statement.

Landry said that the financial burden of supporting illegal immigrants is “falling on the shoulders of hard-working Louisianans.”

“Louisiana will always welcome those who legally immigrate, but taxpayers cannot continue to foot the bill for individuals who break the law and skip the line,” he added.

Every state entity has been given 120 days to provide a report on their duties and responsibilities related to providing public services or expending public funds for the benefit of illegal aliens.

Additionally, law enforcement must report on a monthly basis about individuals charged or convicted of criminal offenses, including their citizenship, immigration status, criminal history, and other relevant details.

Landry announced that Louisiana entities must inform the state “relative to the provision of public services or the expenditure of public funds directly or indirectly to, or for the benefit of illegal aliens, which reports shall contain one or more recommendations for collecting and analyzing data related to the provision of public services or expenditure of public funds directly or indirectly to, or for the benefit of illegal aliens.”

The order also mandates the regular publication of collected data on state websites for public access.

Landry requested data for “the total number of persons charged or convicted of a criminal offense, which reports shall include information regarding the citizenship or nationality and immigration status of the alien, whether the alien is lawfully or unlawfully present in the United States, the specific offense(s) for which the alien was charged or convicted, the alien’s criminal history, any known or suspected gang affiliation, and the jurisdiction of arrest and/or conviction.”

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