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Haley Doubles Down: Denies America’s Racist Past in Fiery Speech

via CBS
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Nikki Haley, a Republican presidential candidate, stated in an interview with Fox News that the US has “never been a racist country.”

She emphasized her personal journey from a small town to becoming the first female minority governor and ambassador to the United Nations.

She expressed her belief in the American dream and her determination to defy expectations.

Her campaign later reaffirmed her stance, emphasizing America’s ongoing efforts to improve.

Haley’s motivation for running for the White House was to demonstrate that gender or race should not act as deterrents.

“I mean, yes, I’m a brown girl that grew up in a small rural town in South Carolina who became the first female minority governor in history, who became an UN ambassador and who is now running for president. If that’s not the American dream, I don’t know what is,” Haley said.

“You can sit there and give me all the reasons why you think I can’t do this. I will continue to defy everybody on why we can do this. And we will get it done.”

“We’re not a racist country, Brian. We’ve never been a racist country,” she said when asked by Brian Kilmeade.

“Our goal is to make sure that today is better than yesterday. Are we perfect? No. But our goal is to always make sure we try and be more perfect every day that we can.”

“I know I faced racism when I was growing up. But I can tell you, today is a lot better than it was then. Our goal is to lift up everybody. Not go and divide people on race or gender or party or anything else. We’ve had enough of that in America,” she added.

“America has always had racism, but America has never been a racist country,” Haley’s campaign spokesman said. “The liberal media always fails to get that distinction. It can throw a fit, but that doesn’t change Nikki’s belief that America is special because its people are always striving to do better and live up to our founding ideals of freedom and equality.”

“That’s why I’m so passionate about doing this. I don’t want my kids growing up where they’re sitting there thinking that they’re disadvantaged because of a color or a gender. I want them to know that if they work hard, they can do and be anything they want to be in America,” she said.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, another contender, also stated that the US “is not a racist country” and emphasized the principles established by the Founding Fathers.

“The US is not a racist country, and we’ve overcome things in our history,” DeSantis said.

“I think the Founding Fathers, they established a set of principles that are universal. Now, they may not have been universally applied at the time but I think they understood what they were doing,” he added. “They understood that those principles would be the engine for progress for generations to come and that’s what happened.”

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