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Shock: Father Says Hamas ‘Took My Son’s Head Into Gaza And Put It Up For Sale’

via Forbes Breaking News
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Sergeant Adir Tahar was tragically murdered by Hamas, and his decapitated head was found in an ice cream fridge in Gaza after a lengthy search.

His father described the abuse and dismemberment of his son’s body, and the anguish of having to bury him without his head.

The IDF located the head during an operation in Gaza City, and it was interred in a second burial.

Hamas “sent a missile and three grenades towards him [Adir]. From a CT scan I received recently his whole body is full of shrapnel, and unfortunately, the body of Adir was also abused after he was killed,” father David Tahar said.

“I insisted very much with the army to see the body. They tried to explain to me that I should not see it.”

“Half an hour before I buried my child, his body arrived at Mount Herzl [cemetery], I opened the coffin when I was alone… I understood exactly what I was burying. He was unrecognizable. I identified him by the discs [army tags] on his shoes.”

“For almost two and a half months, I turned the world upside down to find out where the head was,” he said.

“There’s a video from Telegram,” Tahar added. “The internet was flooded with horror videos… I saw almost everything. Unfortunately, I found the video of my son where you can see that my child is without this essential part of him.”

“During the interrogation of two arrested terrorists the Shin Bet managed to realize that one of them tried to sell the head. A soldier’s head for $10,000,” a Shin Bet interrogation revealed.

“Special forces, along with an armoured unit, entered the centre of Gaza, Palestine Square, inside an ice cream shop’s freezer, inside a side bag with tennis balls and documents in it, was my son’s head. They managed to bring back what was left, and we buried it,” Tahar said.

“We recovered the bones, what they found, tested DNA, also found teeth, and buried him.”

This horrific incident is reminiscent of the fate of another victim, Shani Louk, whose remains were similarly desecrated by Hamas.

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