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Judge Delivers Ruling on Ohio Election Law, Photo ID Requirement

via NBC News
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A federal judge ruled Ohio’s voter ID law, including a photo provision, as constitutional, rejecting a Democratic challenge.

The complaint included drop box restrictions and tightened deadlines.

The judge found the photo ID requirement minimally burdensome and dismissed claims of discriminatory impact on voting rights.

The law formalized single-drop box restrictions, a contentious issue.

Ohio courts affirmed the new law, boosting confidence in elections.

The photo ID requirement “imposes no more than a minimal burden, if any, for the vast majority of voters,” U.S. District Judge Donald Nugent ruled.

“Put simply, Plaintiffs did not provide evidence that the drop-box rules of HB 458 imposed any burden on Ohio voters, much less an ‘undue’ one,” he wrote.

“RITE is very proud to have helped defend Ohio’s important and commonsense election law,” GOP strategist Karl Rove said. “With Ohio courts affirming the new law, voters can have confidence that Ohio’s elections are an accurate measure of their will.”

In a separate case, a New Hampshire court upheld the state’s voter ID law, ruling that the challenges lacked standing due to lack of evidence of ballot impediment.

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