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Biden Enraged After Not Getting His Way with World Leader: ‘This Conversation Is Over’

via CBS
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President Biden is frustrated with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for not heeding advice on the war and peace with Palestinians.

Tensions have risen due to Netanyahu’s refusal to release tax revenue to the Palestinian Authority and disagreements over humanitarian aid for Gaza.

Democrats in Congress express their frustrations, considering imposing conditions on future military aid to Israel. (Trending: Two Names Emerge As Trump’s Possible 2024 Running Mate)

A U.S. official reportedly said, “There is immense frustration,” according to Axios.

“The situation sucks and we are stuck. The president’s patience is running out,” added another official.

Sen. Chris Van Hollen said, “At every juncture, Netanyahu has given Biden the finger. They are pleading with the Netanyahu coalition, but getting slapped in the face over and over again.”

Brian Finucane, a former State Department policy adviser, said, “It’s a self-defeating policy.”

“What may be expedient in terms of short-term domestic politics may not be in the long-term interests of the United States. Particularly if it results in the United States involving itself in further unnecessary wars in the Middle East,” he continued.

There are concerns about the U.S. involving itself in unnecessary wars in the Middle East.

Secretary of State Blinken advocates for a two-state solution, but his comments are criticized by a former Israeli ambassador.

Blinken said, “From Israel’s perspective, if you can have a future where they’re integrated into the region, relations are normalized with other countries, where they have the necessary assurances, commitments, guarantees for their security — that’s a very attractive pathway.”

“But it’s also clear that that requires a pathway to a Palestinian state. We’ve heard that from every single country in the region,” he continued.

Israelis feel hurt and insulted by the U.S.’s approach.

Michael Oren, a former Israeli ambassador to the U.S., said that Israelis felt “hurt, insulted, fearful and concerned that this is the way our allies are talking.”

“At the end of the day, there’s a limit, because if [Biden] says stop, we’re not going to stop,” he added.

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