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Beyond the Pool: Gaines Takes a Stand for Fairness in Women’s Sports

via Fox News
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Riley Gaines, a former University of Kentucky swimmer, has become a prominent figure in advocating for women’s sports to remain for women.

She emphasized the importance of acknowledging the biological differences between men and women while celebrating and recognizing women based on their uniqueness.

Gaines, along with other college athletes, presented a petition to the NCAA, signed by over 70,000 people, urging the preservation of women’s sports for women.

She highlighted the need for courage in addressing these issues, emphasizing that women’s sports should be exclusively for women, without compromise.

Gaines also noted that a significant majority of the public agrees that allowing men into women’s sports is harmful and compromises the integrity of women’s sports.

“I think people are hungry for the truth and … we’ve just had people in those powerful leadership positions who aren’t willing to say the truth,” Gaines said.

“And that truth is that men and women are different. We’re not the same,” she added.

“And, of course, that’s not to say that women are inferior. No, absolutely not. But we’re different. And we deserve to be celebrated and recognized based on our uniqueness and our own physical ceilings,” Gaines said.

“We need more courageous people. And I would say people call me courageous, which is crazy for simply saying men and women are different. But in today’s climate, it does take courage to say that,” she said.

“Women’s sports should only be for women. There’s no compromise that women should have to make,” Gaines added.

“Everyone, of course, is allowed to play. No one is being banned. It’s just a matter of playing where it’s fair and where it’s safe. And I don’t understand why that’s overly controversial.”

Gaines pointed out that 70 percent of people, “regardless of political affiliation, agree that allowing men into women’s sports and into women’s locker rooms is wrong, and it’s harmful to women and the integrity of women’s sports.”

“You and I both know there’s not a lot of issues that 70 percent of Americans agree on nowadays, but this is one of those.”

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