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Super PAC Targets Women Voters with $200 Million Ad Blitz

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American Bridge 21st Century plans to spend $200 million, with a focus on persuading women swing voters in key states to support President Biden.

The group aims to target rural and exurban communities in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, with the possibility of expanding to North Carolina.

Their strategy involves highlighting Biden’s policy accomplishments and emphasizing the risks of another Trump presidency, particularly regarding abortion rights and democracy. (Trending: Trump Defies Court And Delivers Closing Argument At Civil Fraud Trial)

They also plan to use local voices in their advertisements.

The target demographic is white women over 30 without a strong party attachment.

“There is no reason not to do both” American Bridge 21st Century co-founder Bradley Beychok said.

“Let’s always assume that the base piece is going to be there, because those are the most fervent supporters. But our theory of the case is going to be that there are a lot of gains to be had in these outer places ― more rural areas, more exurban areas.”

This marks a departure from the 2016 strategy, focusing on areas where Democrats have historically struggled.

“We may not win in all of these places, but if we don’t lose as bad as we have in the past like in 2016, it’s a recipe for electoral success,” Beychok added. “That will be our playbook.”

“This economy is roaring. We came out of COVID strong. He’s done a lot of things for young voters, Black and brown voters, middle-class voters, labor workers,” Beychok said.

“The list goes on and on. We will certainly claim that credit and tell that story.”

Trump “is a scary thing to a lot of voters, particularly to women, especially when he is the face and brand of banning abortion nationwide,” Beychok added.

“We’re going to create a permission structure that shows voters it’s OK to remember Trump,” he added. “I know it gives you anxiety, but he is who we’re running against, and certainly it’s OK to vote against him again, and here’s why you have to.”

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