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NY Times Editorial Board Says Republicans Should Abandon Trump Because He’s A ‘Unique Danger’

via CBN News
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The New York Times editorial board urged Republicans to reject former President Donald Trump as the 2024 frontrunner, emphasizing the responsibility to nominate a candidate fit to serve as president.

The board labeled Trump as “manifestly unworthy” due to facing criminal trials and alleged plans to undermine the rule of law and democratic process.

It highlighted the importance of having qualified presidential candidates from both major parties and warned of the unique danger in electing Trump. (Trending: 2024 Miss America Winner Crowned)

“Iowa Republicans who will gather on Monday to cast the first votes of the 2024 presidential campaign season, and voters in New Hampshire and the states that will follow, have one essential responsibility: to nominate a candidate who is fit to serve as president, one who will ‘preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,’” wrote the board.

“Donald Trump, who has proved himself unwilling to do so, is manifestly unworthy,” they continued.

“This is not a partisan concern. It is good for the country when both major parties have qualified presidential candidates to put forward their competing views on the role of government in American society. Voters deserve such a choice in 2024,” explained the board.

The executives claimed that Trump had “badly damaged the Republican Party and the health of American democracy.”

“Mr. Trump is now distinguished from the rest of the Republican candidates primarily by his contempt for the rule of law. The sooner he is rejected, the sooner the Republican Party can return to the difficult but necessary task of working within the system to achieve its goals,” the board advised.

The board implored Republicans to consider other options and expressed the hope for the Republican Party to return to working within the system to achieve its goals.

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