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Democrat Governor Says Biden Has Handled Wars Better Than Trump Would

via Washington Post
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Illinois Governor JB Pritzker praised President Joe Biden’s handling of the Ukraine conflict and the situation in the Middle East, contrasting it with the hypothetical approach of former President Donald Trump.

Pritzker emphasized the importance of standing up to Vladimir Putin and supporting democracy in Ukraine, as well as fighting against terrorism in the Middle East.

He expressed the need for a careful foreign policy expert in the White House and questioned whether Trump could manage such situations effectively, ultimately asserting that Trump would not handle these challenges better than Biden. (Trending: Trump Prosecutor Accused Of Playing Race Card In Public Address)

Gov. Pritzker said, “Well, look, here’s what the White House has been doing: They’re fighting what has become a mortal enemy of the United States, and that’s Vladimir Putin.”

“They’re standing up for democracy in Ukraine. They’re fighting against terrorism in the Middle East. Those are the things that I think — the messages that the Biden administration needs to make sure they’re getting out to people,” he continued.

“But, look, nobody likes war. We’d like to have all of this ratcheted down and go away. And I know the President wants that. But you have to have a careful foreign policy expert in the White House who understands how to manage all that in a very difficult environment. Do you think Donald Trump has shown that he can do that? Do you think Donald Trump would handle this better than Joe Biden?” asked the governor.

“The answer, clearly is no,” said Pritzker.

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