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Cruz Speculates on Potential Hunter Biden Pardon, Sparking Debate

via Forbes
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Sen. Ted Cruz predicted that President Joe Biden will pardon his son Hunter Biden in December 2024, regardless of the election outcome.

Cruz suggested that if Biden wins, the pardon might be delayed until just before Hunter goes to jail, and if Biden loses, there’s a high likelihood of a pardon in December 2024.

Cruz also criticized Hunter Biden’s behavior at a House hearing, alleging defiance and showing contempt for lawmakers and the American people, while expressing concerns about potential lack of consequences due to his connection to the President. (Trending: Trump Responds To Biden’s Bombing In Yemen)

Sen. Cruz said, “My prediction is in December of 2024, Joe Biden will pardon Hunter Biden.”

“Win or lose. If Biden were to win, I think he’ll delay the pardon until right before Hunter goes to jail. But if Biden is losing, I’d put the odds at 95% that in December of this year, if Biden has just lost the general election, that he pardons his son, and he gives him a scot free get-out-of-jail pass,” he continued.

“And so, understand Hunter’s legal strategy is delay 11 months, don’t go to jail for 11 months, and then daddy gives you a get-out-of-jail free card — and it’s why the House needs to keep their eye on the ball and bring Hunter for the public hearing,” added the Texas republican.

“Hunter Biden didn’t show up just to say screw you to the Congress, but to say screw you to the American people, that I’m the son of the President, I can do whatever I want,” explained Cruz.

“And he knows the Biden Department of Justice, they’re going to be no consequences,” said Cruz.

“The arrogant contempt, and by the way, it’s consistent. It is Hunter Biden’s approach. It is Fauci’s approach. It is Merrick Garland’s approach; it is Alejandro Mayorkas’ approach. It is Joe Biden’s approach,” he concluded.

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