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Trump Responds to Criticism of Treatment of Former Associates

via NBC News
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Donald Trump avoided a question about his habit of insulting former employees during a town hall event.

When asked how he would convince good people to work with him if given four more years, Trump evaded the question and resorted to name-calling.

He also took jabs at Florida Gov. DeSantis, claiming he made DeSantis’ career and criticizing his loyalty. (Trending: Joe Biden Caught In Another Major Lie About J6)

“Mr. President, I am extremely grateful that in your first term, you accomplished great things,” Jane began.

“But it was also with the help of many great people. Since that time, you have publicly criticized and personally demeaned so many of them. If you’re given four more years, how will you convince good people to take the risk of working with you?” asked the DeSantis supporter.

“So, I have a lot of people that want to work with me,” replied Trump.

“Everybody wants to come to work with us. We’re gonna have no trouble. We had great people. We had a couple that were not great. Stiffs, as I would call them. But that’s true with anybody. But now I’ve gotten to know Washington. I’ve gotten to know the people. I know the best. I know the smart ones, the dumb ones, the weak ones, the strong ones,” he continued.

“He would be working in a pizza shop or perhaps a law firm if I didn’t endorse him,” joked Trump.

“You know, I endorsed him, took him from nothing to winning an election. And I was all for him. And then one day he said he’d run against me four years later after I got him in. And I said, ‘That’s not a loyal person. We can’t have that,’” explained the former president.

Trump’s comments reflect his ongoing pattern of criticizing former associates.

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