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Joy Reid Calls Roger Stone Recording Discussing Killing Democrats ‘Stunning and Disturbing’

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A leaked audio clip appears to feature Roger Stone plotting the assassinations of two Democratic leaders, which has been described as “stunning and disturbing.”

The audio has not been authenticated and Stone has denied the allegations, claiming the audio is the work of artificial intelligence.

The discussion highlighted the potential danger of a second Trump presidency, with concerns about the people surrounding Trump and their lack of guardrails. (Trending: Bombshell UFO Footage Released To The Public)

The panel discussed the implications of the audio and the people surrounding Donald Trump.

“We are at the political assassinations phase of this hideous video game that we’re trapped in apparently, and I can’t believe I’ve now talked about political assassination twice in one bloody week,” Reid said.

“We say, OK, democracy held during the first Trump administration. It was in part because there were at least some guardrails in place, like there were lines that even Bill Barr wouldn’t cross.”

“Well, now [Trump] is totally surrounded by people like Roger Stone, people who will not be a guardrail, people like his attornies,” she added. “And that is what is so incredibly dangerous about this. Another term is not just him hypothesizing about shooting someone on Fifth Avenue.”

“Another term is him full of grievance. He said what he wants to do — he wants to purge the federal government of anybody except those who are loyal to him, he wants to weaponize the DOJ,” Kimberly Atkins Stohr said.

“Roger Stone is the guy who in the summer of 2020 looked at the polls, saw that his guy was losing, that Donald Trump was losing, and said ‘You know what we’re going to do? We’re just going to declare victory and say we won anyway.’ So this is the guy who was in on the idea beforehand that they were just going to lie. Now you’ve got him talking with a cop, a former cop, about killing two Democratic representatives,” Reid said.

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