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Concerns Raised Over Potential Misuse of Immigration Incentives

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Illegal migrants are staging robberies at their workplaces to obtain U Visas and work permits, with the latest example involving two Indian-born men in Massachusetts.

The scheme often includes causing physical harm and fabricating stories to qualify for the U Visa program.

This fraud is driven by the significant benefits for the migrants, their employers, and participating lawyers. (Trending: Anthony Fauci Questioned About Evidence Behind COVID Restrictions)

The Department of Homeland Security, under Alejandro Mayorkas, has been criticized for its lax approach to countering such fraud.

A recent case involved two men staging armed robberies at convenience stores to help the clerks claim victim status for non-immigration status.

The scheme involved paying store owners for the use of their stores and fabricating staged robberies with the consent of the apparent victims.

“This is a common practice — mainly among Indians — to qualify for a U Visa,” The Forced Labor Project co-founder Jay Palmer said.

“They’ll hire someone to rob them at gunpoint — and even cause physical violence against them — with a witness. Sometimes the witness is a family member. Then family members — who are normally illegal too — will file [for a visa] claiming emotional distress or for a T Visa for helping the police solve a crime.”

“Many want to be harmed, physically harmed, in order to get a hospital report. Many times, they’ll go to the emergency room where there is an Indian doctor there that relates to them. Sometimes the doctors are … coerced into overstating or exaggerating the injuries.”

“Once they apply for it, they can get biometrics [identity documents] and an Employment Authorization Document … up to five years. They’re buying time to be legal to work in the United States while hoping and praying for some type of mass amnesty — and this comes straight from Indians — or some type of immigration reform that will make people who have been over here illegally or have overstayed their [temporary visa] welcome … to get some path to citizenship.”

“Even the application for a U Visa helps illegals evade deportation,” Palmer said. “It’s like a parole [status] and if you get stopped [while driving] and you get questioned, you’ve got a case number and [when the cop] enters the case number into the databases it shows as ‘Case pending.’”

“Many illegals also invent a story to explain why they are in the country,” he added.

“The typical story goes like this: ‘I came over and my passports were stolen. I was scared to report the robbery because I was scared I would be immediately deported and I didn’t have all my information. So I stayed here and I got thrown into labor trafficking and I worked at so-and-so’s hotel, or I worked in a’ convenience store, then I was robbed at the convenience store. And I’m looking for a visa because I’ve been a victim twice.'”

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