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California-Bashing Is A Constant Occurrence On Iowa Campaign Trail

via Fox News
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The Iowa caucuses drew attention to California, with Republican candidates targeting the state and its leaders more than President Biden.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stock market activities were criticized, and comparisons were made between GOP figures and California politicians.

California’s shift from a Republican stronghold to a liberal state has led to increased conservative criticism. (Trending: Trump Responds To Biden’s Bombing In Yemen)

GOP fundraising now highlights the state’s residents’ support for Democratic campaigns.

“Biden isn’t as motivating a villain as other Democrats might be. So the Republican candidates are essentially running a negative campaign against California,” UC Berkeley and Pepperdine politics professor Dan Schnur said.

“The very worst thing Ron DeSantis could think of to say about Nikki Haley during the debate was that she might be more liberal than Gavin Newsom,” Schnur added. “For an Iowa Republican — or any Republican for that matter — that’s an absolutely terrifying concept.”

“I just think we have a problem with Congress … they’re almost detached from the people. They live under different rules,” DeSantis said. “They make a killing in the market … and I don’t think the congressmen should be able to be doing the stock trades. I think we need to reform that.”

“Y’all know it, chaos follows him. And we can’t be a country in disarray and have a world on fire and go through four more years of chaos because we won’t survive it,” Nikki Haley said of Trump. “You don’t defeat Democrat chaos with Republican chaos. And the other thing we need to think about: We can never afford a President Kamala Harris.”

Former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad suggested that California address its issues before questioning Iowa’s role in the nominating process.

“Maybe you ought to get your house in order. California has got the biggest deficit and California is moving in the wrong direction,” Branstad said. “California has got so much going for it. It’s a beautiful state, it has got great weather and all that stuff. But now people are leaving because of the tax burden and the hostility and all the regulations.”

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