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Rapper Ice-T’s wife Coco Austin scrutinized on social media after allowing daughter, 8, to play drinking game

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Rapper Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin faced criticism for letting their 8-year-old daughter play a game resembling beer pong.

Some fans expressed concern about the potential impact on the child’s future, while others defended the family, noting that they were using water, not alcohol.

Despite the controversy, many comments were supportive, highlighting the game’s similarity to an arcade activity and praising the child’s skills. (Trending: Bombshell UFO Footage Released To The Public)

“You gotta take a shot now,” said Chanel to her mother in the Instagram video.

“What parent in their right mind would teach their child about beer pong,” commented a user.

“She could become an alcoholic,” suggested another.

“If normal everyday parents were to do this with their children and post it to their social media account you can bet social services would be there in a hot second to take their children away,” alleged another Instagram commenter.

“This is how Coco grew up…This is how she was raised. So this is how she is going to raise her daughter…I don’t think this is neglect, rather the only parenting style she knows. When in reality it’s painfully inappropriate and damaging,” judged a third viewer.

Ice-T and Austin have previously defended their parenting style, emphasizing their unique dynamic.

“We do our parenting,” said Ice-T. “I think the thing of it is, it’s Ice-T and Coco. Our parenting is a lot different than the normal, square couple from Oklahoma. I’m a f—ing rock star, it’s different….We’re like the Osbournes. We have a different dynamic in our house. But it’s not harmful. That’s the main thing. It’s us,” he continued.

Austin dismissed the critics, stating that their opinions don’t affect her.

“They don’t affect me at all… It’s just like whatever they’re trying to get to me, but they don’t,” said Austin.

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