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Perino: Hunter Biden Congressional Appearance ‘Was Like Watching The Real Housewives of The House of Representatives’

via ABC News
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During a segment on “The Five,” Fox News co-hosts Jesse Watters and Jessica Tarlov had a heated exchange over Hunter Biden’s surprise appearance at a House Oversight Committee hearing.

The committee had previously issued a subpoena to Hunter Biden, which he ignored, leading to a vote on contempt charges.

Watters and Tarlov clashed over the Republicans’ handling of the situation, with Tarlov accusing them of being unprepared. (Trending: Trump Responds To Biden’s Bombing In Yemen)

“It was like watching The Real Housewives of the House of Representatives because obviously [Oversight Committee Ranking Member Jaime] Raskin [D-Md.] and the Democrats knew what was happening. I wonder what if the Republicans had said, ‘Fine, sit down,’” Dana Perino said.

“And said, ‘We’ll call a recess. We’ll be right back.’ Go get your ducks in a row and then come back. Like that would have been fascinating,” she added.

“And just hold up a bank record and said, well, okay, well where did this money come from,” Watters quipped.

“But Raskin –” Tarlov began, “Jessica, we’ve heard quite enough. Quite enough,” Watters said.

“Our investigation has produced significant evidence suggesting President Biden knew of, participated in, and benefited from his family cashing in on the Biden name,” James Comer said.

“We planned to question Hunter Biden about this record of evidence during our deposition, but he blatantly defied two lawful subpoenas.”

During the hearing, Rep. Nancy Mace confronted Hunter Biden, calling him out for ignoring the congressional subpoena and accusing him of “spitting in our face.”

Mace emphasized the importance of the rule of law and criticized Biden for what she viewed as a political stunt.

“My first question is, who bribed Hunter Biden to be here today? That’s my first question,” Mace said.

“Second question, you are the epitome of white privilege coming into the oversight committee, spitting in our face, ignoring a congressional subpoena to be deposed. What are you afraid of? You have no balls to come up here.”

“I think that Hunter Biden should be arrested right here, right now. Go straight to jail,” Mace later added. “Our nation is founded on the rule of law. The law applies equally to everyone, no matter what your last name.”

“It does not matter who you are, where you come from, or who your father is, or your last name. Yes, I’m looking at you, Hunter Biden, as I’m speaking to you. You are not above the law at all.”

“Why can’t you show up for a congressional deposition? You’re here for a political stunt. This is just a PR stunt to you. This is just a game that you are playing with the American people. You’re playing with the truth.”

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