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New Hampshire Democrats Reluctant To Cast Biden Vote, But Believe He’s ‘Better Than Trump’

via ProPublica
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President Joe Biden is facing potential setbacks in New Hampshire’s Democrat primary, with concerns about his age and policies.

Many voters, like 24-year-old Tim Fitzpatrick, are disillusioned with Biden’s support for fossil fuel projects and lack of student loan relief.

“I wouldn’t say Phillips and I are politically aligned, but it’s better than Biden,” Fitzpatrick said. (Trending: Trump Defies Court And Delivers Closing Argument At Civil Fraud Trial)

The primary, set for January 23, poses the first test of Biden’s political strength since 2020, with polls indicating significant doubts about his ability to beat top Republican rival Donald Trump.

Despite Biden skipping the primary, a well-funded write-in campaign is underway, and while he’s predicted to win easily, voter interviews reveal a wide margin of victory is not guaranteed.

Fitzpatrick and others are considering backing little-known candidate Dean Phillips or self-help guru Marianne Williamson.

“Biden’s age is a real problem for me because 80-year olds start having real mental energy problems,” 70-year-old Dale Coy said.

Phillips, critical of Biden’s viability, plans to challenge him with a focus on fiscal policies and the party’s tactics.

“I believe you’re complicit if you knowingly go into a race where you’re likely to lose and you suppress the potential of other candidates,” Phillips said.

Despite dissatisfaction, some Democrats in New Hampshire reluctantly acknowledge Biden as the better choice compared to Trump.

“It’s probably more true than I would like it to be, unfortunately. It’s obvious he’s better than Trump, so it’s kind of like hold your nose,” Fitzpatrick said.

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