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Kari Lake Predicts Trump Will Break Records In Iowa Despite Freezing Temperatures

via CBS
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Kari Lake, a Republican Senate candidate from Arizona, predicts that former President Donald Trump will achieve a record-breaking victory in the Iowa caucus, surpassing historical margins.

Despite the severe winter storm affecting the state, Lake believes Trump’s strong voter enthusiasm will prevail.

She emphasizes the deep support for Trump in Iowa, citing his accomplishments during his presidency and the enduring love the state has for him. (Trending: Hunter Biden’s Art Scheme Exposed By GOP Probe)

Lake said, “The greatest victory we’ve ever seen historically in Iowa since 1972 in the caucus, when there’s been a crowded field, is a 12-point victory; I think President Trump will surpass that.”

“But we can’t go out and act like it’s going be a blowout and we don’t show up. So that’s one thing I worry about. We’ve got to get out there. Iowa, you’ve got to get out there and show up, assume it’s a 1-point victory and get out there and show up,” she continued.

“Iowans are tough, and I know that because I grew up here; this is my home state, and you know, January is one of the coldest months here, and people are tough,” said Lake.

“They’ve got the warm clothes and they’re ready to get out on Monday, and the enthusiasm for President Trump is off the charts right now,” she added.

“We know how the polling has looked for him and people are going to show up. I mean the support he has goes a mile deep. These other guys that support they have goes an inch deep,” she explained.

“And so if anyone’s going to stay home because it’s cold, it’s going to be supporters of the other guys,” said Lake.

“But I have full faith that the folks here in Iowa understand that history will be made on Monday. They are going to start the trajectory of getting our country back on track and saving this great nation.”

“The people of this state love President Trump,” declared Lake.

“They really do. They know what he did for them during his four years as president. In three years, he brought this state more than 22,000 new jobs, more than half of them in manufacturing. Conversely, you know, Biden lost this state a couple 1,000 jobs, so they know that he helped make ethanol a year round fuel and actually was helpful in making us energy independent. They know that he had the courage, the spine to take on the CCP and China, which was doing so much damage to the Iowa economy, and he had the courage to take them on,” she explained.

“He got rid of the estate tax that was preventing family farms from staying in the family. He’s done so much for this beautiful state, and there’s a relationship and love that Iowa has with President Trump,” said Lake.

“With all the witch hunts they’re throwing at him and four different jurisdictions, the people of this state understand that the election interference at a national is really high with President Trump,” Lake continued.

“And that’s why we’ve got surrogates here, such as myself and many others who are happy, more than happy, to stand up and speak out for our favorite president, just like the folks on caucus night will be doing. They stand up and they give their stump speech for their favorite president, President Donald Trump,” she added.

Lake mentions the potential for Vivek Ramaswamy to perform well in the caucus, possibly surpassing other candidates.

Lake predicted, “I think the surprise could be that Vivek Ramaswamy might actually do better than one of these others — perhaps he comes in third place over DeSantis — who knows?”

“I mean, that’s where I think a surprise might be in the position of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on and so on,” she concluded.

Despite the storm causing the cancellation of Trump’s rallies, Lake is confident in the support for Trump and the impact it will have on the caucus.

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