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Political Newcomer Jumps into Congressional Race, Vows Fresh Perspective

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Retired Brig. Gen. Chris “Mookie” Walker, a veteran Air Force navigator, has announced his bid for Congress, emphasizing the need for non-career politicians in Washington.

He aims to address issues such as border crisis and left-leaning indoctrination in schools.

Walker’s military background and overseas experiences have shaped his perspective, leading him to prioritize national strength and security. (Trending: First Moon Mission In 50 Years Blasts Off)

He criticizes the current leadership and aims to bring about change in the political arena.

“I learned some things while I was deployed overseas. America is only safe when we’re strong. I’ve seen it come from every angle. Current senior leaders, sorry to say, have weakened us,” said Walker.

“I’m not done fighting for West Virginia. There are a lot of things that I wanted to do as a general in the Air Force, but I was not permitted to because of the politics. And I said, ‘OK, when I retire, I’m not going to be just some old man shaking my fist on the porch about these things. I’m gonna get in there and fight for them,'” he continued.

“I spent 40 years in uniform, deployed to nearly every continent, seeing all sorts of cultures, seeing all sorts of people, seeing how the world really works,” added the veteran.

“Anyone who goes to the Pentagon and said they loved it, they’re lying to you. It is a grind, and it’s full of politics, which it should not be. The politics are for the politicians and for the civilian side. But that being said, I learned how to maneuver my way through the upper echelons of the Air Force and the DoD,” explained Walker.

“That’s when I said, ‘OK, a lot of the things that are detracting from our greatness as a country, there’s nothing I can do about it in uniform.’ And that started getting me in the mindset that I have to get into politics in order to change things,” he continued.

“As a member of the United States House of Representatives, I actually will be able to affect that positively by holding the DoD leaders’ feet to the fire,” said Walker.

He continued, “Down in kindergarten and elementary school and junior high, they’re trying to get certain concepts into the minds of these kids. And you know what I’m talking about. When I was growing up… I had no idea whether my teachers were married or not or who they were married to. So I don’t see why that is so important to tell the kids.”

“These are the things that are bothering me. And I think, at least in West Virginia, we need a self-made warrior protecting our West Virginian values for our next generation. And they need somebody who’s out there winning battles, not merely casting votes,” explained the veteran.

“Look, I respect Riley Moore. I appreciate what he’s done in state government as the state treasurer, but in my opinion, and a lot of people’s opinions, dynasties don’t work. Just because his grandfather was a former governor doesn’t make him best qualified,” highlighted the Republican.

“I think that this moment is too important to send another career politician to Washington, D.C. Again, I’m a pugilist. For all the things that are important to West Virginians, I will be the thorn in the side of the left, whereas others are, I think, going to just be there meekly casting votes,” added Walker.

Running in the crowded Republican primary for West Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, he seeks to challenge the status quo, positioning himself as a fighter for West Virginian values.

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