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Ted Cruz Explains Why He Believes Supreme Court Will Rule In Favor Of Trump On Colorado Ballot

via HBO
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Senator Ted Cruz believes that former President Donald Trump will win at the U.S. Supreme Court and remain on the Colorado ballot due to the absence of insurrection charges in the criminal cases against him related to the 2020 election.

Cruz expressed this view during his “Verdict” podcast, stating that Trump has not been indicted for insurrection despite facing multiple criminal cases.

He argued that there is no evidence to prove Trump engaged in insurrection, citing Trump’s speech and tweets as peaceful and legally insufficient to support an insurrection charge. (Trending: Trump Defies Court And Delivers Closing Argument At Civil Fraud Trial)

Sen. Cruz said, “Jack Smith is in DC with a very liberal judge, he’s got a DC jury pool that is 94% Democrat, he’s got the most favorable environment in the world and you know what he hasn’t done? Indicted Trump for insurrection, and the only reason he hasn’t is because there’s no remote evidence that would prove that Trump had engaged in insurrection.”

“Donald Trump sent some tweets and stood up and gave a speech in which he told people to go peaceable, go peacefully peaceful. There, you cannot prove as a matter of law that telling people to be peaceful, is engaged in insurrection,” he continued.

“Insurrection is a legal term,” said Cruz.

“And there’s a reason no one has charged him with it because you couldn’t pass the laugh test,” he concluded.

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