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Idaho Wants Women To Be Second-Class Citizens. Will The Supreme Court Sign Off?

via Harvard Online
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The upcoming Supreme Court case on state abortion laws revolves around whether pregnant women are entitled to full legal protection.

It focuses on a federal law guaranteeing emergency medical care for all, regardless of ability to pay, and whether this law allows pregnant women to obtain abortions in states where the procedure is otherwise banned.

Idaho and Texas laws conflict with the federal requirement to provide emergency care, impacting women’s access to medical treatment. (Trending: GOP Rep. Mace Clashes Directly With Hunter Biden At Hearing)

The influence of former President Trump’s judicial appointments on abortion laws is evident, with the Supreme Court’s recent decisions and lower court rulings playing a significant role.

The Biden administration has challenged Idaho’s law based on conflicting with a federal emergency medical treatment law.

Both Idaho and Texas laws are currently in effect, leaving pregnant women with limited options for essential care.

The Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments in April and make a ruling in late June.

The outcome will significantly impact pregnant women’s access to emergency medical care and their legal status as citizens.

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