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Democrat Rep. Cori Bush Demands Reparations For Damages Caused By Slavery, Jim Crow Laws

via NBC
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Rep. Cori Bush demanded reparations for the damages caused by slavery, Jim Crow laws, and other policies, introducing a resolution to address these issues.

Critics pointed out that the policies she mentioned were authored and supported by her own party, the Democrats.

Some argued that families of Union soldiers who died fighting to end slavery should also be eligible for reparations, emphasizing that the discussion is both absurd and insulting to US history. (Trending: GOP Rep. Mace Clashes Directly With Hunter Biden At Hearing)

“Our country owes – OWES – a debt to the descendants of enslaved Black people, not just for slavery, but for what followed, like Black Codes, red lining, Jim Crow, and mass incarceration,” Bush wrote.

“That’s why I introduced my Reparations NOW resolution. This country has an obligation.”

“All Democrat policies,” radio host Dana Loesch said. “I’m totally for your party making amends for what it did — including to Indigenous Americans when they sent them on the Democrat Genocide Trail.”

“Maybe *your* party does, but I’m a Republican,” Chad Felix Greene said.

“Given her list of grievances, sounds like Cori Bush is calling for the Democrat party to be sued,” another wrote.

“Mass incarceration you say @CoriBush? Your Democrat boys BillClinton and @POTUS did that. You think you get to vote for the problem AND demand compensation for it?” @thevivafrei posted.

“360,000 Union soldiers died in the Civil War. They paid with their lives to end slavery. If reparations were due it would be directly to the slaves AND to the families of Union soldiers killed— out of the pockets of Confederate slave owners, not from US citizens 160 years later. Many of those asked to pay today have already paid for slavery with the lives of their ancestors,” attorney Marina Medvin said.

“This discussion is both absurd and insulting to US history,” Medvin added. “Note to Conservatives— Do not allow the talk of reparations to go on without demanding reparations for families of Union soldiers. The left wants to play. Go play.”

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