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The Real Story Behind the Viral Bodysuit Worn By NFL Quarterback Jake Browning’s Girlfriend

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Stephanie Niles, girlfriend of Bengals quarterback Jake Browning, gained attention for wearing a customized white bodysuit during a game, thanks to her cousin Taylor Damron, an apparel designer.

This led to viral success, with Niles establishing herself as an NFL wife and girlfriend force, Browning gaining game tape for job applications, and Damron becoming a breakout star designer.

The basic bodysuit cost $200, and Damron has received requests for similar designs. (Trending: GOP Rep. Mace Clashes Directly With Hunter Biden At Hearing)

She aims to cater to a wider market beyond NFL wives and girlfriends and anticipates future trends, suggesting a shift towards vintage apparel.

“If we rewind to the Jags game, this is where everything started,” Damron said. “I made her a one-piece bodysuit for that game and it got a little attention, maybe one article, but at least people were interested.”

“I made her a black suit for the Vikings game, but the package didn’t get to her in time, so once her black leather pants went viral, we changed gears and said, ‘Does the bodysuit need to be white?’ and not black. That’s all that happened.”

“The rest is history.”

“Hers was actually fairly basic in terms of intricacies – $200,” Damron said. “The more rhinestones something has, the more it costs!”

“I’m not wanting to focus completely on the [NFL wives and girlfriends],” she said.

“There are a lot of gameday couture apparel girls doing just that. I’m leaning towards your average fan. It’s a much larger market and from there you have so much freedom in terms of where are we going to go with this.”

“My goal at the end of the day is to do custom pieces for [the WAGs] but we have to be honest and look at this as what WAG is going to put on a white bobsled-looking suit because they’re going to be compared to Stephanie Niles.”

“Jerseys are kinda fading out. Some kind of denim jacket, puffer jacket, a vintage-looking varsity letterman jacket. Even if they aren’t in, white bobsled bodysuits weren’t in three days ago,” Damron said.

“Now they’re in, baby!”

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