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White House Press Secretary Loses It Over Trump’s Description Of J6 Prisoners

via TODAY on Youtube
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The White House criticized Donald Trump’s comparison of the Jan. 6 Capitol rioters to “hostages” and called it grotesque.

Trump, facing charges over the 2020 election, sought to downplay the attack and urged the release of those charged.

President Biden accused Trump of instigating the attack and aiming to undermine U.S. democracy for his reelection campaign. (Trending: Joe Biden Sets New Presidential Record)

The White House emphasized the seriousness of the attack and rejected the comparison to hostages, while some Trump allies and Republicans have shown sympathy for the rioters.

“It is grotesque to make those type of comparison,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said.

“I’ve seen American veterans note … how grotesque and offensive to compare those convicted of assaulting cops and attempting to overthrow the American government” with other U.S. veterans held hostage or Israelis and others abducted during Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack, she added.

“I have concerns about the treatment of January 6th hostages,” U.S. Representative Elise Stefanik said.

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