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Rob Lowe Credits ‘Embarrassing Amount of Sleep’ To Keeping Him Feeling Young

via YMH Studios on Youtube
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Rob Lowe, approaching his 60th birthday, has shared his secrets to staying youthful.

He emphasized the importance of sleep, following a low-carb, high-protein Atkins diet, and maintaining sobriety for 33 years.

“I get tons of sleep. Like, an embarrassing amount,” Lowe said. (Trending: Fauci’s COVID Missteps Are Coming Back To Haunt Him)

“I don’t want people to think something is wrong with me. It’s a lot of sleep, not 12 hours. But if there’s ever 12 (hours) to be had, I’m taking it.”

“The seats recline all the way down, so I can sleep between the various seats,” he said. “I have it down to a science. The eye mask, the Bose noise-canceling headphones. And I’m gone.”

“I’ve been doing it ever since,” Lowe said. “You’re only as good as what you eat.”

“It bums me out. Believe me, I’d love to eat nothing but pies and milkshakes,” he said.

“And I would love to eat like a 15-year-old. But I can’t.”

“I’m now getting the studies that are backing up what I have been doing intuitively for years, which is eating the Atkins way — low carb, low sugar — and getting more than enough sleep,” he said previously.

“People used to make fun of me. But now the science is catching up — that it’s more than beauty sleep. It’s brain sleep, it’s body sleep, it’s focus.”

Lowe also starts his day with a gratitude list and prayer, prioritizing family, health, and sobriety.

His morning routine and lifestyle choices contribute to his well-being and appearance.

“I haven’t had a drink in 33 years. That’s a huge thing, even beyond recovery,” Lowe said.

“When you think about the calories and the bloat you’re missing. That just adds up. So that’s super helpful.”

“It’s my family, our health, my sobriety,” Lowe said of his gratitude list.

“Then I go into my four dogs (Daisy, Oscar, Owen and Bella) and the ability to do a job I love. And I try to get the list going as long as I can. Some days it’s longer, some days it’s shorter.”

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